Cardiovascular Research Convergence 2019


4th August in AIIMS, New Delhi.

Lecture Theatre One,

Academic Block, First Floor

It gives us  great pleasure to invite you to participate in the conference: Cardiovascular Research Convergence 2019 .

8 am Nurses Training Program : Heart failure, ICU care, Cardiology Investigations, Yoga and Nursing, Ventilatory Care. Please send your nurses and paramedics for training in the concept of heart failure nursing in this morning session.

9.30 . Research Awards :Students Forum: Papers from all medical colleges/ research institutes are invited and the best will be selected for an award session

10.30 Physicians Program.

Ischemic Heart Disease: Refractory Angina : optimizing the old drugs and using the new drugs. Beyond drugs. Lipid Guidelines : shifting thru the confusion : when to test and when to treat, when to up titrate, and do we down titrate. Hypertension :which guidelines to follow ? When and how much to treat. Resistant hypertension : approach .

Acute Heart Failure: Final Frontier:  Newer drugs, discharge protocols, newer imaging modalities and newer devices all need to be used to reduce the mortality at this stage of disease.

Chronic Heart Failure: All Out War : Sick patients need maximum care with Drug therapy, Heart failure Clinics, Devices and Transplant. Send your nurses for training in the morning program at 8 am.

Post Lunch sessions

Heart Failure Management Kits:  The management of heart failure is complex. The introduction of checklists and guidelines from the ICU admission to the first OPD visit to triage to use of LV assist devices and transplants is converted into a HF Kit.  Introduction to the Dhadkan Smartphone App by the IIT Rourkee developers.

Pulmonary Artery Hypertension : Case discussions with  Newer drugs discussed , new forms of management , do we need a lung transplant ?

Nurses Intensive Care Session

8.00 – 9.30 am

8.00   Nurses and Heart Failure  Dr Seth

8.15   Nurses and the Coronary Care Unit Sister Ankita

8.30   Nurses and Ventilatory Care Sister Anshu

8.45  Nurses and Cardiovascular Investigations Sister Santoshi

  1. 00 Introduction to Yoga ( Chair Yoga for Patients ) Br Subeen and Ms Priya

9.15   Post Test Br Subeen Sister Santoshi and Sister Anshu.


Research Presentations (By Students)

9.30 -10.30 am

Oral and Poster presentation

Abstract submission to AIIMSCARDIOLOGY@GMAIL.COM by 23 JULY 2019

10.30 – 11.30

Ischemic Heart Disease (Case Presentations).

Refractory Angina :Case of Diffuse Coronary Artery Disease

Dr Vinayak Agarwal ,Medanta Hospital.

            Definition and management

                          How to use: Nicorandil , Ivabradine, Ranolazine, Trimetazidine,


                          Other potential therapies : TENS, Coronary Sinus Reduction…

LIPID Guidelines : Sorting the confusion : Case of Diabetes with Hypertension and Strong Family History.    Dr Madhur Yadav. Lady Hardinge Medical College.

When to treat and when to measure lipid levels

High Risk groups and Very high risk groups

When to add on extra therapy

Role for Primary prevention / Risk Calculation for Indians.

Hypertension Guidelines : A patient with refractory hypertension.

Dr Tushar Roy. National Heart Institute.

What is Hypertension : European vs the American Guidelines

                          What is the target of treatment : Standard target, in elderly, in high risk

                          Resistant Hypertension : Definition and treatment

Tea 11.30- 11.45

Acute Heart Failure (11.45 -12.45)

Approach to Acute Heart Failure: A case with Acute Heart Failure .

Dr Rajeev Rathi, Max Hospital.

  • Causes, Search for Treatable causes.
  • Testing: Imaging [MRI, Nuclear], biomarkers for  myocarditis, CAD, sarcoid
  • Treating with immunoglobulins and steroids
  • Treating Acute Heart Failure  : Diuretics, Inotropes, Vasodilators, Betablockers, New Drugs like ARNI and and Ivabradine

Devices in Acute Heart Failure in India.

Dr Sumit Narang , Sarvodaya Hospital & Research Center


ICU Care Checklist : The need of the hour.  Dr S Seth [AIIMS]

Why do we need a checklist in the ICU

  • The Evidence.
  • The Checklist:

Chronic Heart Failure    12.45 –  1.45 pm

 Guidelines for Management of Chronic Heart Failure

Dr Sumeet Sethi, Max Hospital.

  • Current Guidelines for Heart Failure Management : Are we there ?
  • New Kids on the Block : ARNI and Ivabradine
  • Evidence in Acute and Chronic Heart Failure
  • When to Use, When not to use
  • Indian Data
  • Compelling reasons to use in India.
  • Beyond Drugs : Iron, Thyroid Function, Vaccines, Exercise

Heart Transplant and LVAD in India :Surgical Care for HF.

  • Dr Ajay Kaul, BLK Hospital.
  • When , where , how, what after the surgery.

Heart Failure Nursing and Heart Failure Clinics,
Dr S Seth[AIIMS]

  • Why HF Clinics
  • The Evidence.
  • Our Experience
  • How to Start :

LUNCH   1.45-  2.30

Pulmonary Hypertension.  [ 2.30 -3.30 pm ]

Case Presentation : : Patient  with idiopathic pulmonary hypertension.

Dr Rahul Mehrotra [Max Hosp] ,Dr Saurabh Gupta [AIIMS ] .

Along with Dr Anunay [ SJH], Dr Pavan Tiwari [ Pul Medicine AIIMS]


Types of Pulmonary Hypertension (the classification)

How do we investigation: The standard protocol of investigation

Treatment steps

  • Basic drugs : Digoxin, Diuretics, Oxygen
  • Anticoagulants
  • Role for Vasodilator testing and how to Do in and out of cath lab
  • Classes of drugs and how to add single and combination drugs
  • What combinations to avoid

When to consider interventions like a Septostomy or POTT’s Shunt

When to Consider a Lung or Heart Lung Transplant and

  • What are the results and costs

Heart Failure Management Kits (3.30-4.30 pm)

Heart Failure in India Dr Vishal Rastogi [ Escorts Heart Hospital ]

Panelists : Dr Vijay [ Army RR, ], Dr Anunay [SJ Hospital ]

  • The problem in India: Both acute and chronic heart failure
  • Status of management of HF in India in the Hospital, Outpatient and Surgically.
  • Gaps in Heart Failure management
    • ACUTE ..Diuretics, Inotropcs , Vasodilators, Betablockers, ? ARNI and Ivabradine
    • . Vasodilators and Betablockers, More role for ARNI and Ivabradine ?

The Heart Failure Management Kit Dr S Seth

Acute HF Mx KIT.. Checklist Approach from ICUadmission to Discharge

OPD      KIT   : ABCD   approach , checklists, ABCD envelops

                        HRIDAY CARDS, GOOGLE DATA BASE, Rehab whatsapp videos



Technology KitDr Deepak , IIT Rourkee

Introduction to the Dhadkan App